Finsbury Park, London

When the Autumn Leaves Fall

A Procession and Performance in the Park will be taking place on Saturday 12th November 2022.
The Future Machine will appear. We will visit different trees in the park with Esi Eshun,
finishing with a music performance by the Drumming School students. Featuring singer Shreya Rai
and Nevita Tulsiani singing the weather with The Rain Makers and Future Machine.
Spoken words by Esi Eshun and Rachel Jacobs.

Eco/Art Residency

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Finsbury Park

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Rachel Jacobs

Artist and Future Machine's Companion

Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo

Musician and Composer

David Kemp

Musician and Composer

Ruth Catlow


Esi Eshun


Jo Roach


Ricard Zanoli

Finsbury Park Park Ranger

Reece Straw

Photographer for When the Leaves Fall 2021

The Rainmakers

Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo, David Kemp, Miles Ncube, Indira Lemouchi, Nevita Naidu and Shreya Rai
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