Furtherfield Finsbury Park


A Procession in the Park

The Future Machine will be launched at Furtherfield Gallery and Commons in Finsbury Park, North London in October 2019.

‘A Procession in Finsbury Park’ will involve the unveiling of the Future Machine at Furtherfield Gallery, (at the pavilion on the knoll at the top of the park). The machine will then go on a journey around the perimeter of the park, stopping at several places along the way. Finishing the ‘procession’ at Furtherfield Commons with an opportunity to eat, share stories and celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

For hundreds of years, promenading in the plaza in the centre of town has been a social custom’

‘Like modern strollers in Latin American plazas and parks or any carnival or mall now, they were there to look at each other as well as the scenery… ‘

‘Social promenading was developed in the private garden and the park

(Wanderlust, Rebecca Solnit, 2002)