When the Future Comes is a series of artist’s interventions each witnessed by a mysterious and mystical device – the Future Machine. A newly formed ritual or special occasion will emerge as the Future Machine appears in Oxfordshire, Nottingham, Cumbria, Somerset and London every year - until 2050 the year that scientists predict will be a watershed for more extreme climate and environmental change.

Future Machine will next be appearing:
Saturday 11th November 2023 (please note the date change)
When the autumn leaves fall in Finsbury Park, in London



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Video Gallery



Rachel Jacobs

Lead Artist

Frank Abbott


Juliet Robson


Wallace Heim

Artist, Writer, Philosopher

Caroline Locke


Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo

Musician, Composer and Arranger

David Kemp

Musician, arranger (saxophone , over tuned flute)

Indira Lemouchi

Musician (meaninglessness word and vocal)

Miles Ncube

Musician (bird sounds)

Robin Shackford

Artist, Creative Programmer and Interactions

Ian Wood

Carpenter and co-designer of the physical Future Machine

Dominic Price

Programmer and Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

Matt Little


Prof John King

Senior Atmospheric Scientist, British Antarctic Survey

Esi Eshun


Elena Nichele

Researcher, University of Nottingham

Jocelyn Spence

Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

Steve Benford

Professor, University of Nottingham
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