Future Machine

It sits on a hand cart ready for the journey, travels the country and plugs into a greater whole of many parts. It stands as a witness to the places, people, stories and events of these turbulent times, as the Earth changes, and we take a journey into an uncertain future.

The Future Machine is a witness.

The Future Machine appears at the same time every year
in Christ Church Gardens in Nottingham,
Tilberthwaite and the River Leven in Cumbria,
Rotherfield Peppard in Oxfordshire,
Cannington and Kilve in Somerset
and Finsbury Park in London.

Newly formed rituals or special occasions emerge from its appearance.

The Future Machine collects messages for the future
from the people who gather around it.

The Future Machine prints out a story for people to take away with them,
‘a future quest’ to help people think about the future.

The Future Machine plays the messages left by people in the past
and sounds that change depending on the weather.

If you have left a message for the future
type your secret code here to listen and remember the moment.

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