A Procession in the Park (Autumn 2021)

A procession in the park took place on Saturday 13th November 2021. The Future Machine led the procession and acted as a witness to people coming together to celebrate the autumn, stopping to meet seven different trees linking to the seven sisters and different people along the way with conversation and discussions led by Esi Eshun, tree poems by Jo Roach and discussions by Finsbury Park Park Ranger Ricard Zanoli and May DeGrace from Weeds and Seeds and the Drumming School. Finishing with a music performance of the weather with Alex Dayo, David Kemp, Miles Ncube and Terese outside Furtherfield Gallery under the Plane tree, with the parakeets joining in.

Future Machine Live, Celebrating the Autumn (Autumn 2020)

A performance of the Future Machine in London took place with musicians Alexandre Yemaou Dayo, David Kemp, Miles Ncube, Indira Lemouchi, Furtherfield Commons, the weather and the Future Machine. Bringing music, art, nature, climate and weather together in these difficult and uncertain times, to celebrate the Autumn and think about the future.

The performance took place without a live public audience, with social distancing and safety precautions in place, adhering to the government guidelines as outlined here:

In the live performance, to enable social distancing the Future Machine was moved to the background – only able to peer in through the door and so the performance of the machine was limited for safety. Rachel had to run around the building and back to move the lever at the back of the machine, to change between the sounds of the weather (the present mode of the machine) and the messages left for the future in 2019 (the past mode). Sadly this is hard to see in the live stream but if you look hard enough after she runs out the room you might see her appear at the back of the machine!

In response to Covid-19 the Future Machine will be continuing it’s journey across England remotely and physically – when and how we can move about and meet safely. The Future Machine aims to witness change, and celebrate hope and resilience, where we are now, however we can, to help us prepare for and thrive in the future.

A Procession in the Park (Autumn 2019)

The Future Machine was launched at Furtherfield Gallery and Commons in Finsbury Park, North London in October 2019. The procession was developed in collaboration with Furtherfield, musicians Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo and David Kemp, participants in workshops that took place over 6 months in Finsbury Park and in partnership with Jo Roach from Pedal Power and Jo Homan from Edible Landscapes.

‘A Procession in Finsbury Park’ will take place every year to welcome the Autumn. The Future Machine leads a procession around the perimeter of the park, stopping at several places along the way, bringing people together to think about the future and environmental change. Finishing at Furtherfield Commons with music from Alexandre Yemaou Dayo, David Kemp and the Future Machine and an opportunity to record messages for the future on the machine, share stories and celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

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