water, stone, pebbles and slate

The Windermere-Leven Watershed, Cumbria

Writer, philosopher and artist Wallace Heim will collaborate with Rachel Jacobs and people living along this Cumbrian watershed, leading up to a meeting by the waters in September. 

Over the summer, we will ask people to spend time on their own in a place that is significant to them along a beck, a river or a lake that flows into Windermere and then into the River Leven and out to sea. While they are in that place, we will ask people to consider ideas and questions relating to the full community, to the future and to environmental changes. Prompts will come from writings prepared by Wallace, inviting each person to imagine future possibilities in their own way. 

We plan for everyone taking part to get together in mid-September, either outdoors or by zoom, to exchange their experiences, to hold a conversation, and, if permitted, share a meal. The Future Machine will be in attendance then, as witness and as a way to speak to the future.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown Wallace Heim and Rachel Jacobs have been recording their experiences of being in lockdown by the River Leven in Cumbria and on the River Lea in London.

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