end of the wooden pier on a blue lake with a forest on a hill on the far shore and blue sky

When we meet by the water 2023

Future Machine will appear by Lake Windermere at Rayrigg Meadow at 10am on Saturday 30th September.

During the week before, Future Machine will meet with A-Level Biology students at the Lakes School, for a reunion with some of the students from last year’s visit to the school. We will walk to Troutbeck and sit by the waters (or as close as we can get) and speak to the future.

On Saturday 30th September, Future Machine will appear by the shores of Lake Windermere, to consider the past and future of the waters, and witness the present. To celebrate the end of summer.

Join us there to meet Future Machine and speak to the future – of your hopes, dreams, fears and wishes, the things you love and want to protect, or the things you want to change.

Depending on the weather we will stay awhile (until 11.30am if the weather is fine), then there will be an opportunity to head up the hill, pulling Future Machine slowly as it is quite a steep climb, to the meeting room at Windermere Library for tea and cake.

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