When we met by the water 2023

By The Waters of Lake Windermere

On Saturday 30th September Future Machine meandered down the steep road from Windermere Library and appeared by the shores of Lake Windermere. To celebrate the end of summer, a week after the autumn equinox.

People joined us at the lake, some were invited, some were passing, wild swimming or spending time by the water. They met Future Machine, listened to the sounds of the mild, rainy, misty day. Some spoke to the future.

After a while we headed up the hill, with some of the people we met coming together to pull and push Future Machine up the steep climb, to the meeting room at Windermere Library. We had tea and cake.

By The Waters of Troutbeck

On Thursday 28th September Future Machine appeared at the Lakes School in Troutbeck Bridge, returning to meet with the students who met Future Machine in 2022 and have stayed on to study A-Level Biology. We met in the playground and made a small procession to the rugby pitch by the side of Troutbeck River. The students got as near to the river as they could and sat for awhile quietly contemplating the water and responding to a series of prompts, writing and drawing their responses.

Each student was reunited with Future Machine and spoke to the future. We returned to the classroom in time for lunch.

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