News From The Planet Summer 2023

The news from the planet was written for pupils at Cannington Primary School.

Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Summer 2023
This summer the sea ice in the Antarctic is far below the record minimum ever recorded.
This winter (our summer) at the South Pole the icy continent
is shrinking, as the Earth warms, melting ice, raising sea levels.
Scientists drill deep down to discover a story of the past, to understand the future.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Summer 2023
At the North Pole the ice and snow melts into water as it warms.
Hungry Polar Bears losing their home. If we are not careful, 
Father Christmas will be delivering presents in T-shirts and shorts!

Central England temperature differences from 1961-1990
After the floods, then the heat, now the rain is back! 
The newly planted trees in Cannington Primary School
finally have just enough water to grow strong and green.

Global Temperatures Summer 2023
Last week was the hottest week on Earth for 120,000 years!
Did you know that electricity, cars and cutting down trees 
brings hotter heatwaves, stronger storms, and higher seas?

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