Cannington and Kilve, Somerset

When the time comes for tree planting

A tree planting ceremony and procession will be led by the
Future Machine and Tree Charter Bell, people can interact with the Future Machine,
recording messages for the future.

Cannington and Kilve

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A Walk From Cannington to Kilve

Preparing for when the Future Machine and the Tree Charter Bell appears in Cannington, the artists Caroline and Rachel took a walk from Cannington to Kilve meeting people from the village. As they explored they documented what they encountered along the way, including a visit to Cannington Primary School where they met children from each class to talk to them about the project.


Rachel Jacobs

Artist and Future Machine's Companion

Caroline Locke


Colin Fitzpatrick

Church Warden and Bell Ringer

Mike Fackrell

Chruch Warden and Lead Bell Ringer

Clare Nurse

Head Teacher, Cannington Primary School
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