Two children pulling the Future Machine under a cloudy and blue sky with Rachel in the background

When we met by the newly planted trees 2023

On Wednesday 12th July Future Machine appeared in Cannington. We walked from the brook to Cannington Primary School to meet all of the children. Each class came out to the newly planted trees in the playground to meet Future Machine, taking it in turns in groups to travel through time to the past, present and future by moving the lever on the back and turning the handle to wake Future Machine up.

The classes listened and sometimes danced to the music of the weather in the present, listened to the messages left in the past from the other places around England and each class left their own message for the future.

Caroline Locke, who had attended Cannington Primary School herself 44 years before had planted a tree in the playing fields on the other side of the village when she was at school. As part of her Significant Trees artwork she has made a bell based on the frequency of the sound of this tree. We rang this bell to celebrate the Summer 2023 and the green leavs on the newly planted Hazel and Rowan trees that the children planted in March with Caroline Locke.

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