Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire

Blue bells in Kingwood

Artists Juliet Robson and Rachel Jacobs will be creating interventions at Rotherfield Peppard and Kingwood Common to explore how we perceive time in terms of past, present, future, the seasons and our own personal perceptions of time and change, in contrast to the transformations and transitions of the environments that we inhabit. The Future Machine will appear alongside these interventions, to celebrate the end of Winter and bring people together to think about the future and environmental change.

We will be developing potato, sun and water clocks, which will also help power parts of the Future Machine and help it keep time.

We hope to engage with the local community, building on the people we talked to during the research and development period in 2018.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began artists Juliet Robson and Rachel Jacobs recorded time and the seasons changing in place – Juliet in Kingwood and Peppard Common where she was in lockdown and Rachel in lockdown on a boat on the River Lea in London. These observations and experiences of change will contribute to the meeting together and appearance of the Future Machine in Kingwood Common planned for 2022.

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