the Tree charter bell, Alex drumming and Future Machine

Eco/Art Residency at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park

Furtherfield is hosting Future Machine & When the Future Comes Collective, Zantogola and the Drumming School for an Eco Art Residency at the Commons. Art, music, planting, and conservation activites throughout the residency.

The When the Future Comes Collective is a collaboration between artists Rachel Jacobs, Frank Abbott, Caroline Locke, Wallace Heim, Juliet Robson, Esi Eshun, Robin Shackford and musicians Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo and Dave Kemp.

Coming Up…

When The Autumn Leaves Fall…
Saturday 11th November 2023

From 10am – Meet Future Machine and speak to the future.
11am – A procession and guided walk to seven trees in the park.
From 2pm – Join Future Machine at Furtherfield Commons to speak to the future and celebrate the autumn with music and family activities. Performed by musicians Alex Dayo, Dave Kemp & The Rainmakers and special guests.

Planting at the Commons
In preparation for Future Machine’s appearance we will be planting in the area in front of Furtherfield Commons with the hope that we can create more of a garden in the Spring.

Weekly Drumming School sessions
More information can be found on the Drumming School website.

Future Machine and the Rainmakers
As we prepare for Future Machine appearing when the Autumn leaves fall in November 2024, we will continue our experiments with music performances of the weather, developing from our ‘weather jams’ at the commons.

What Has Already Happened…

Finding Common Ground: Touring Finsbury Park with the London Festival of Architecture
Sunday 4th June 2023
A guided walk took place in Finsbury Park, exploring landmark trees, ponds and green spaces to learn about the uniqueness and diversity of this place dubbed “The People’s Park”. While visiting community gardens and park facilities, we experienced how diverse visitor activities coexist, at times uneasily, alongside the natural landscape of this popular park. Stories about the park’s human / nonhuman inhabitation, its distinctions between the cultivated and the “wild” species and the complexity of living together in common were discussed and introduced by the walk’s guides, offering a deep appreciation of the “living history” of Finsbury Park.

On Saturday 1st April 2023 we hosted our first Bell Weather Day at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park  
Art, music, ecology, planting, bell ringing and talks, with music from Finsbury Park Drumming School.
The Tree Charter Bell, Tree Planting Ceremony with artist Caroline Locke.
An informal conversation about art, music, ecology and the future.
In the evening we hosted a ‘Future Machine Weather Jam’ led by the Future Machine, The Rainmakers and the When the Future Comes Collective, including special guests.

Monthly Weather Jams at the Commons (Winter/Spring 2023)

Weather Jam
Friday 20th January 2023

The first weather jam started small with just 12 people but had an amazing musical journey with Future Machine and a very cold frosty still night in the park. We played indoors in the warm, whilst Future Machine played the sounds of the weather outside (the weather station was set up outside the back door) and played messages from the past. When we went outside to feel the weather the sky was clear and we could see as many stars as London light pollution let us.

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