Future Machine being pulled by it's artist companion alongside a procession of five people. Autumn trees in the background.

When the Autumn Leaves Fell 2022

Saturday 12th November 2022
Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ

When the autumn leaves fall Future Machine appeared outside Furtherfield Gallery in the centre of Finsbury Park.

A group of people met together and went on a procession led by Future Machine, it’s artist companion Rachel Jacobs and artist Esi Eshun. We visited seven different trees in the park where Esi told stories about the trees and Daniel and his daughter played a horn to mark our arrival and then again as we moved on to continue the journey around the park.

The procession ended outside the drumming school and Furtherfield Commons at the bottom of the hill by Seven Sister’s gate. Students from the Drumming School played a song celebrating the spirit of water from Burkina Faso. Then we sang and spoke about the weather. Featuring Shreya Rai and Nevita Tulsiani with The Rain Makers, Future Machine and spoken words by Esi Eshun and Rachel Jacobs.

The day ended with food and a music jam that continued into the evening.

People left messages for the future with Future Machine, heard the messages from the other places and times and played the sounds of the weather.

Photos © Jaiwana Monaghan

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