Troutbeck valley flooded, with green fields above the water and mountains and sky in the distance

News From the Planet Autumn 2022

Photo: Troutbeck valley flooded, October 2022

Antarctic Sea Ice Levels 2022
This year in 2022 the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent reached record minimum levels of ice since records began.

Summer is coming to the icy island of the South Pole. This year,
the great glaciers melt and break. Baby penguins die as
warm rain falls where once was snow. Still there is sea ice.

Central England temperature differences from 1961-1990

The mighty trees drop their leaves, orange and gold, a show

of resilience despite the summer’s drought. Now, rivers of rain

pour down pavements, flood where we dwell, until the sun returns.

Arctic Sea Ice Levels 2022

The circle of ice in the Arctic sea grows as winter comes.
A tragic loss of ice in times past, but still
there is ice at the North Pole this winter.

Global Temperatures 2022

This year brought heatwaves, drought, melting snow, heavy rains.
Flooding Pakistan. Winter storms in the north, fires
as summer comes to the south. Yet hope persists. The birds return.

The news from the planet show the messages printed out by the Future Machine in Autumn 2022 – in Cumbria and London.

They have been written in response to an ongoing conversation between the artist and creator of the Future Machine, Rachel Jacobs and Dr John King, Senior Climate Scientist at the British Antartic Survey about how we think about, experience, understand and talk about climate change and future uncertainty. As a result, the Future Machine has been designed to respond to five different scientific datasets, which are represented by the dials on the machine and the message printed out by the machine. The Future Machine is also informed by research by the climate scientist Mike Hulme looking at the myths we all have about climate change and how this effects what we think will happen in the future, these are represented by the ‘myth’ dial on the machine and the type of quest you have received from the machine.

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