Future Machine is coming... written in black marker on cardboard square

Time Portals at Furtherfield

This film of the process of imagining and building the Future Machine is going live at the Time Portals exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery (Finsbury Park, London) on Thursday 9th May. It will be updated as more workshops take place and the Future Machine is built.

The design team, including participants in the workshops are:
Rachel Jacobs (lead artist)
Frank Abbott, Wallace Heim and Juliet Robson (collaborating artists)
John King (British Antarctic Survey), Dominic Price (University of Nottingham), Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield)
Chuang Hao-Yu, Xuanwen Peng, Georgy Dean, Rosemary Pooley, Paul M Smith, Daphne Bone, Shreya Roy, Badrya Habdulrman, Heather Corrie, Alena Corrie, Ben Bishop, Esi Ehun, Delilah Hague, Rose Levinson, Joel Pasinios, Harry Adams, Lela Bergaron Jacobs, Esti Bergaron Jacobs, Sebastian Gaete, Eileen Egerton, Reed O’Beirne, Kiran Dulay, Kate Healey.

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