sketch of the Future Machine travelling to Finsbury Park, Tilberthwaite Quarry, Christ Church Gardens, Kingswood and a map of england showing where each place is on the map

Arts Council Funding!

Future Machine has received Arts Council funding from June 2019 – June 2020. Alongside a commission from Furtherfield Gallery as part of their Citizen Sci-Fi programme, support from Haringey’s Festival of Learning and research funding from the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham.

This covers:
A series of monthly public workshops at Furtherfield Commons from March – July 2019

Building the Future Machine at Primary Studios, Nottingham and Furtherfield, Finsbury Park, London
4 further workshops to take place in community centres and 2 schools in Finsbury Park, in July – September 2019.

A slide show and film of the ‘Making of the Future Machine’ exhibited as part of Furtherfield’s Time Portal’s exhibition from May – October 2019.

‘A Promenade in the Park’ and launch event of the Future Machine in Finsbury Park in October 2019 (date to be confirmed).

Taking the Future Machine to Kingwood Common, Oxfordshire; Tilberthwaite Quarry, Cumbria and Christ Church Gardens, Nottingham in the Spring 2020.

The Future Machine will also be returning to Furtherfield and Finsbury Park in October 2020 and 2021 to witness the changes as the future unfolds, towards an exhibition in Furtherfield Gallery in 2021 as part of Furtherfield’s Land Oracles exhibition

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