Textile banner with Future Machine the journeys written on it and a large map of England with symbols representing each of the of places where Future Machine appears on its journey, next to the banner is a poster on a stand and on the floor is a a clay QR code

The Cabinet on Display in Nottingham

Thursday 18th April – Saturday 20th April 2024
Gallery One, Primary Studios, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham NG7 1NU

A version of The Cabinet of Curious Places will be displayed for the first time at Primary Studios as part of their Nourishment Programme. One of the When the Future Comes artists will be available between 12-1pm to talk through about the project on Thursday and Friday. This will be the first time that the objects and story of the five places where the when the future comes artists interventions take place, and where Future Machine appears every year until 2050.

This first display of the Cabinet coincides with ‘When This Tree Blossoms’ and Future Machine appearing in Christ Church Gardens, across the road from Primary on Saturday 20th April, 2-4pm.

The Cabinet of Curious Places is as much an ongoing process of building a narrative of these five places as the change over time, as creating a structure that brings these stories together. The core structure is still in the process of being built and is designed to continue to evolve as it is displayed in different places and over time. This first display is a way to explore how these objects might work together, how a physical structure might hold and adapt to these narratives and the audiences that experience and interact with them, as they unfold.

After the display has taken place we will be in residence in Gallery Two in Primary for a few days to play with this first version and get it ready for it’s first proper exhibition – as part of ‘Our Story is Wild’ in Derby Cathedral in June.

Some of the elements of The Cabinet was also displayed as part of the Wild Isles Exhibition and Concert at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham in March, which also provided us with an opportunity to see how we could begin to tell the story of this ambitious and complex national project in a research context.

Frank at the Wild Isles Exhibition at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham

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