cherry tree blossom buds on the baby blossom tree in Christ Church Gardens 2021

The Blossoms are Coming…

We are starting preparations for ‘When this Tree Blossoms we will meet together to talk about the future’. This year it is likely that only 6 people will be able to meet under the tree, if that, but after this long locked down winter that will be something very much to celebrate.

Frank Abbot has continued to make video diaries in Christ Church Gardens since the trees blossomed in 2020, as the pandemic emerged and the first lockdown began, stopping us from meeting last year, this witnessing of emerging stories and life in the gardens will continue, as the project continues, with the Future Machine planned to appear in the gardens every year for the next 3o years (physically or remotely or however it is possible). Frank will also be making special lightboxes to celebrate and light up the blossoms in the tree.

All going well, this will be the first year the Future Machine will appear in Christ Church Gardens. Preparations are under way, for its appearance, when this tree blossoms and when the future comes. We are also working again with Mellers Primary School between now and when the blossoms come, linking in with STEM week (hopefully adding some art and making it a bit more ‘STEAM’) as well as thinking of exciting ways to connect the children with the Spring, outdoor learning and thinking about the future as they return to school next week.

We have had the incredible support of funding from the Arts Council and Horizon Digital Economy to help us keep When The Future Comes and the Future Machine going in these crazy times.

A live stream from the blossom tree in Christ Church Gardens is in the process of being set up. Keep watching to see the older trees and the newly planted baby blossom tree going into blossom – and help us decide when to meet when they reach full blossom. The baby blossom was planted by Caroline Locke on Tree Charter Day alongside the ringing of her tree charter bell in November 2020 to replace the tree knocked down by Storm Jorge a year ago. Sadly its bark has been quite damaged and so we are working on ways to tell its story in the hope that it will encourage people in the park to look out for it as it grows and blossoms!

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