Future Machine in Finsbury Park 2019

Public Events

When the Future Comes has received Arts Council of England Funding to support 5 appearances of the Future Machine alongside 5 newly emerged rituals taking place in Nottingham, Cumbria, Oxfordshire, Somerset and London in 2021/22. The website will be updated as these appearances and rituals emerge and in response to the latest Covid-19 government guidelines.

When We Meet By The River 2021
Nine people will get-together by the River Leven, having each spent some time by the water alone on the River-Leven-Windermere watershed. The Future Machine will appear. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this is a closed event with a limited amount of people, to be documented online.

When This Tree Blossoms, Christ Church Gardens, Nottingham 2021
When the blossom tree in Christ Church Gardens is in full blossom we will decide when to meet under the tree. The Future Machine will appear. We will light up the tree to celebrate the moment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic is it likely that only 6 people will be able to meet, socially distanced in person. We will respond to government guidelines and keep the website updated as things change.

Future Machine Live, Celebrating the Autumn in Finsbury Park 2020
Live on Saturday 21st November 2020, 2pm GMT
We were unable to do a Future Machine led procession and performance of the weather in the park as planned, due to Covid-19 and the second lockdown. A live performance took place, broadcast on Facebook and recorded here.
A full edited film will be made to view online soon.

When These Leaves Fall in Christ Church Gardens 2020
Saturday 28th November
A conversation and series of connections between artists Frank Abbott, Caroline Locke, Rachel Jacobs and the Future Machine using remote video to celebrate Tree Charter Day and planting a new cherry tree in Christ Church Gardens. A full edited film will be made to view online soon.

Halfway to the Future
19th-20th October, 2019
Albert Hall Conference Centre, Nottingham

Future Machine was on demonstration at the Halfway to the Future conference as part of the partnership with the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham. Demonstrating how slow interactions with technologies that are embedded in ritualised, contextualised and complex artworks that encourage people to engage with ambiguity, metaphor and emotion can point us back to the world around us and engage with issues of uncertainty and environmental change

Launching the Future Machine:
A Procession in Finsbury Park

Saturday 12th October, 2019
3 – 8pm

The Future Machine led a procession through Finsbury Park, starting at Furtherfield Gallery at 3pm, stopping at each of the main gates, the athletics track and Edible Landscapes at Manor House (map and times to be confirmed). People were invited to join the procession and dress up to celebrate the Autumn and the coming of the future ending with food and storytelling at Furtherfield Commons at 6pm.

Welcomed at various stops on the way by local groups who promise to care for the future, it ends its journey at 6pm with a party to welcome the Autumn in at Furtherfield Commons Garden.

Public Workshops

Building a Future Machine Workshops took place at Furtherfield Commons, Nottingham Contemporary and Loughborough Unviersity between March and August 2019.
Watch the video of the workshops here.

To see what happened at the Building a Future Machine workshop at Nottingham Contemporary look here:

Future Machine was built and launched as part of Time Portals, Furtherfield’s Citizen Sci-Fi Programme, Thursday 9th May – Sunday 27th October 2019
Documentation of the Future Machine workshops, conversations and process of building the artwork were presented at Furtherfield Gallery


The Future Machine – Creating Rituals for When the Future Comes is being created with accessibility in mind. This website is targeted at basic level (A) standard accessibility and we are aiming to improve the website and marketing standard as the project grows.

The Future Machine will be a sensory experience involving a combination of sound, touch, vibration, visuals and text. Additional large print information and instructions will be available during the public events and the artist will provide guides to the artwork, to be confirmed nearer the time.

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