Making a Future Machine

The Future Machine sits on a hand cart ready for the journey, travels the country and plugs into a greater whole of many parts. It stands as a witness to the places, people, stories and events as the Earth changes, and we take a journey into an uncertain future.

The Future Machine was designed through a series of ‘Building a Future Machine’ workshops that have taken place across England in Nottingham, London, Loughborough.

What is a Future Machine?

A Witness
A Ritual
It moves
It collects messages for the future
It sends people on a quest
It helps us with change and uncertainty
It gives us news from the planet

Anyone can come together to build a Future Machine.

More information and activities for building your own Future Machine is to come soon.

If you are interested in organising or taking part in a Building a Future Machine workshop for your community, school, university or work place please at

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