Magnolia tree with purple and pink flowers in bloom

News From the Planet Spring 2024

We have decided to write haikus for the news from the planet, these have been printed out by Future Machine in Spring 2024.
Each haiku has been created in response to a combination of the data shown below, climate science research and news,
collected by Future Machine’s companion Rachel Jacobs and Prof John King in Spring 2024.

Antarctic Spring 2024
Hotter than ever
this strange Antarctic autumn
dreams of ice and snow.

Arctic Spring 2024
Arctic ice retreats
a loss, more than ever seen,
sea ice gone to sea.

Nottingham Spring 2024
Four weeks early
turned the wettest, warmest spring.
Pink petals near gone.

Planet Earth April 2024
Our beautiful Earth
1.2 degrees hotter.
We are slow to change.

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