Objects From Christ Church Gardens, Nottingham

Every year, for the last six years, we have attempted to meet in Christ Church Memorial Gardens, a neglected patch of greenery in inner city Nottingham, and talk about the future.

We are a group of people – some artists from the studios local to the gardens (Primary), their friends, and local residents – attracted by the annual public call to the event. We manage to meet up most years and are always visited by the Future Machine where people leave their thoughts about the future.

This year, in response to “improvements”,  which left the gardens shorn of greenery, we encouraged visitors to create their own wildlife out of domestic rubbish and bring it along to rewild the park.  The examples you see in the exhibition are largely made by pupils at the local Mellers Primary School in Radford.

Frank Abbott

Find out more about when Future Machine Appears In Christ Church Gardens – When The Trees Blossom

Video: When this tree blossomed in 2024 in Nottingham, filmed by Frank Abbott

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