When This Tree Blossomed 2023

We met on Wednesday 12th April at Christ Church Gardens and Ronald Street Playground (opposite Primary on Ilkeston Road).

At 4pm Build, Create, Play and Toy Library ran a free family session with games and activities to connect with the gardens. Future Machine arrived in the gardens and met the families, the children spoke to the future and Future Machine played sounds of the wind, hail, downpour and cold. Some of the younger children where scared of the intensity of the music! Children made new friends and played around the blossom trees, despite the crazy weather.

Rachel and Martin, one of the local Guardians of the Future Machine did a turn around the park, marking the boundaries of North, South, East and West. They met some teenagers who spoke to the future.

At 6.30pm Frank arrived and began to install large light boxes, lighting up the year 2023. People began arriving and meeting Future Machine. Everyone helped themselves to tea, coffee and samosas. Frank and Simon led everyone to sing ‘Something Amazing Will Happen’ a song written especially for the occasion.

At 7pm Mr X appeared in his truck and did a turn around the gardens. Then Mr X led a parade out of the gardens with Future Machine and people holding the 2023 light boxes following. Future Machine played the extremely windy, cold weather as they left the gardens.

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