Tilberthwaite Quarry cave, dripping water from a tree root, moss, slate

Cumbria Summer 2019

Yesterday I met Wallace in Windermere for a day of thinking and planning.

We talked about the Future Machine, the workshops in London, particularly the final workshops on myths and narratives and the flip books we had made to create narratives about environmental change and test how the stories will be played and captured in the machine.

We plan to talk to people in the area about Tilberthwaite, ex-miners, families of miners, climbers, tourists, the people who live in the valley. From there we will start to think about a meeting, ritual, performance, moment to take place in the Spring or early Summer at Tilberthwaite, before the many tourists ascend. To tell a story about the quarry and think about the future, what will we need, what will change, how will we relate to the landscape, geography and geology?

We talked of the natural ampitheatre that you can easily miss as you ascend the path. Where would the machine fit and how will we get it up from the road? Who will come to mark the changes over the years, remember the past, and tell the story of this place?

A flip book with 4 parts of the story - The temperature has been raised to unbearable level, people were terrified, happiness is now store bought, who do you care about?
The flip book made during the final workshop at Finsbury Park, that influenced our discussions
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