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Transgressions Trilogy

Annette Foster becomes some of her parts, she becomes a fluid gender illusionist. , adopting three different personas which question our cultural ideologies of sexuality and gender construction. Each character makes explicit the performativity of gender, challenging audience perceptions of gender-bending and sexual attraction by fusing androgynous 1930s Hollywood icons with historical drag queens, drag kings and trans-gender identities. This triptych includes stage performances with accompanying one-to-one encounters where the audience member can go 'backstage' to meet the performer.

dealing with gender bending, exploring the recent history of drag queens, drag kings and trans-gender identities.

Part 1 Transgressa

A tribute to Judith Butler, the strangely glamorous Transgressa performs a disturbing, absurd, yet seductive performance to My Heart Belongs to Daddy, merging elements of drag, burlesque, cabaret, contortionism and contemporary dance.

Transgressa begins to deconstruct drag and transgress away from gender...........

Part 2 Daddy Long Leggs

" We all try to escape reality. We all want to be something entirely different from what we really are" - Fred Astaire

Daddy Long Leggs is a tap dancing drag king fascinated with Fred Astaire. Creating a magical alternative reality in her studio, she dances obsessively until s/he becomes his idol. A piece about trying to be someone else, trying to be yourself, and where the two meet.

Part 3 Marlene Dandy

Part 1930's ballerina, part circus sideshow performer and part burlesque dancer; the fascinating and unsettling Marlene Dandy redefines traditional notions of femininity. A tribute to Marlene Dietrich and bearded ladies all over the world!

This project has been supported by the Arts Council of England, Future Factory at the Bonington Gallery the Method Lab commission, greenroom and the Arnolfini.

Image Credit: Debs Storey