Annette Foster/Transgressa
Annette Foster/Transgressa


Transgression: Transgressa

"……drag has a unique power to confuse and reassemble the elements of Desire.” Julian Fleisher

Transgressa is a glamorous and sassy drag queen who performs an absurd, exposed, confused and disturbing lip sync and movement performance to two versions of My Heart Belongs to Daddy sung by Eartha Kitt and Ella Fitzgerald.

Dealing with gender bending and the idea that we ‘perform’ gender Transgression: Transgressa questions and challenges our cultural ideologies of sexuality and gender construction.
Transgressa confuses and reassembles the elements of desire by transgressing away from gender.

Following research into the recent history of gender bending, drag queens drag kings and queer identities, Annette Foster looks at the notion of gender binaries and how they have been deviated through individuals ‘performing’ gender.

“I am really intrigued by the idea of a woman ‘playing’ a man ‘performing’ a woman and the kind of metaphors this holds for ‘performing’ or ‘playing’ gender identities”.

Transgressa is one of three ‘Drag’ characters that is part of a larger project in current development entitled Transgressions- a 45 minute stage performance of three gender personas performed by Annette for an intimate cabaret style audience.

Image Credit: Debs Storey

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