Marlene Dandy


Part 2 : Daddy LongLeggs

" We all try to escape reality. We all want to be something entirely different from what we really are" - Fred Astaire

Daddy Long Leggs is a tap dancing drag king obsessed with the impossible task of trying to become Fred Astaire. Creating a magical alternative reality in her studio, she dances obsessively until s/he becomes his idol. A piece about trying to be someone else, trying to be yourself, and where the two meet.

Daddy Long Leggs combines tap dancing, contemporary dance, multimedia performance/ live art, and spoken word. This piece aims to explore the possilbity and impossibility of becoming the 'other' and the unrealness of binary opposition.

written and devised by Annette Foster

cheek to cheek tap dance choreographed by Iris Haslam and Annette Foster

Daddy Long Leggs was presented at Arnolfini, Bristiol March 22, 2009 as part of the mini festival Hello My Name is Sue, How Do You DO? Annette Foster also presented works in progress for a Dance 4 event at Sanfiled Nottingham March 2007.

Image Credit: Debs Storey and Mel Kirkham