Transgressions one-to-ones

Transgressa 1to1
Daddy Long Leggs 1to1

Transgressa's Transformations

Daddy Long Leggs one-to-one
Marlene Dandy one-to-one
Meet Transgressa and listen to her stories and secrets while she transforms you into an honorary Drag Queen. An intimate 15 min one-to-one exchange with Transgressa .The audience member would be led “Backstage” by an invigilator to have a one-to-one conversational exchange with Transgressa.

Daddy Long Leggs is a slightly eccentric Drag King obsessed with the impossible task of trying to become Fred Astaire.

Daddy Long Legs begins the performance by asking the audience member to dance with him cheek to cheek and draws you into his obsessive world. The audience member is transformed through make-up and facial hair into a drag king. Magic and vaudevillian props are used as a metaphor for transformation in this piece.

Let Marlene envelop you in her surreal world of feather fans, champagne, lingerie and surreal flirtation backstage at the greenroom. Pushing your expectations of beauty and attractiveness, Marlene will seduce you while you help her to get ready for her next show.