Annette Foster 
Current and forthcoming projects
Curent Projects

Messages from the Sky

Messages from the Sky is a one-to-one performance that pays homage to travelling fortune-tellers in caravans, crystal balls and tall dark strangers. Your future will be told and your palm read in a 21st Century rendering of the traditional tools of tarot and astrology. The piece is based around visiting an astrology fortune teller who gives her final reading through BT text to voice service. The text is sent to a land-line, so that the final reading is read out by a computerized woman’s voice. This piece is a mixture of the magic of a message mysterious arriving for the ether and retro technology.

images by Julian Hughes



The Adventures of Super Aspie Girl
I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when I was 39, this blew my world apart and changed me as a person. My new work is exploring Autism Spectrum Disorder and my own experience at present and retrospectively as an Aspie
girl in the world.

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