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Academic research will be taking place alongside the project exploring these key research questions:

1. Pyschology – How the Future Machine captures the impact on our wellbeing of environmental change, the pandemic and other uncertainties, opportunities and changes that will occur throughout the 30 years of the project. Led by Prof Elvira Perez, Mental Health Institute, University of Nottingham.

2. Computer Science – How the design of the Future Machine emerges and changes over time, how interactive devices can be designed for futurity and longitidunal interactions and support reflections on key moments in time. Led by Prof Steve Benford, Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham.

3. Climate Science – How can stories, narratives, metaphor and myth support our experience of and understanding of risk and uncertainty in response to environmental and climate change? How can the Future Machine help people connect to local and global environmental and climate changes in ways that help them mitigate damage and adapt for the future? Led by Dr John King, British Antarctic Survey.

Sign Up to be part of the Future Machine Research

There will be opportunities to take part in the research throughout 2021/2022. If you have been a witness to an appearance of the Future Machine and would be happy to talk to a researcher then please contact rachel.jacobs@nottingham.ac.uk and we will get in touch about taking part.

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