Marlene Dandy

Part 3 Marlene Dandy

Part 1930's ballerina, part circus sideshow performer and part burlesque dancer; the fascinating and unsettling Marlene Dandy redefines traditional notions of femininity. An elegant and sophisticated bearded lady who emulates Marlene Dietrich a known cross-dresser and bisexual. Marlene is inspired by Film Noir, Art Novo/Romantic ballet, early burlesque, the goddess Athena and Greek mythology.

Choreographed and devised by Annette Foster

“You do something to me” choreographed by Iris Haslam and Annette Foster

This was a Method Lab commission 2009, greenroom/hAb. A work-in-progress was presented at Arnolfini, Bristiol March 22, 2009 as part of the mini festival Hello My Name is Sue, How Do You DO? Annette Foster presented several works in progress during her residence at the greenroom from Jan- April 2009 and the finished piece was presented on April 20, 2009.

Image Credit: Tamsin

Marlene Dandy twirl run marlene dandy on point marlene dandy glove pull
marlene dandy glove pull 2
Marlene Dandy on point shadow
marlene dandy umbrella shadow Marlene Dandy Peacock shadow
MArlene Dandy shadow Marlene Dandy head shadow
Marlene Dandy Athena 1
Marlene Dandy Feather Dance
Marlene Dandy Feather dance  move Marlene Dandy Champagne
Marlene Dandy Human Champagne
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