sitting in the drumming school garden from left to right David Kemp, Miles Ncube, Indira Lemouchi, Rachel Jacobs, the Future Machine, Alex Dayo


Lead artist Rachel Jacobs
Frank Abbott (Nottingham)
Wallace Heim (Cumbria)
Juliet Robson (Oxfordshire)
Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo and David Kemp (London)
Caroline Locke (Somerset)

Creative Technical Team:
Robin Shackford (Artist, Creative Programmer and Interactions)
Ian Wood, Sherwood Wood (Carpenter and co-designer of the physical Future Machine)
Dominic Price (Programmer and Researcher)
Matt Little (Engineer)
Matthew Gates (Programmer)

David Kemp ( Arranger, saxophone , over tuned flute )
Miles Ncube ( birds sound )
Indira Lemouchi ( meaninglessness word and vocal)
Alexandre Yemaoua Dayo (composer and arranger)
Percussion, water drums, rain-sticks, kalimba, flute, vocal, bells and whistles

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