Your Quest

The Future Machine prints out a story for people to take away with them, ‘a future quest’ to help people think about the future.
The Future Machine plays the messages left by people in the past and sounds that change depending on the weather.
If you have left a message for the future when the Future Machine appeared you can view your personal Future Quest to listen, watch and remember the moment. You will need the secret code given to you by the machine.

Guardians of the Future Machine

The Future Machine aims to travel across England to the same places every year for the next 30 years. The 'Guardians of the Future Machine' will help the Future Machine along it's journey. More information will be coming soon about becoming a Guardian of the Future Machine.

grey scale sketch of the Future Machine from the back angle with the lever and weather station in view

Journey of the Future Machine

Find out where and when the Future Machine is next due to appear
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