The cave in Tilberthwaite Quarry leading out to a small ampitheatre


Writer, philosopher and artist Wallace Heim will be collaborating with Rachel Jacobs on an audio and performative work taking place at Tilberthwaite Quarry (the mountain) in consideration of the community and landscape that connects and surrounds the quarry to the mountain, valley, sea and the rest of the world.

The Future Machine will and somehow travel up the mountain and appear at the quarry, to celebrate the Summer and bring people together to think about the future and environmental change.

We will devise actions that engage with and mark the quarry in its uniqueness, within a changing climate, while considering each within the flow of water, stone and mineral that connect the quarry to the world.

Interviews and dialogues will occur, exploring experiences of and feelings for the place and the future. We will devise performative actions and rituals that can be built upon over many years, that draw out a sense of the sacred and of the transitions, inviting a small audience of local people interested in joining these actions. Audio/visual pieces will be devised resulting from the performance, using in-situ sound recordings, composed sound, recorded conversation and newly written material.

These will also have a life online as podcasts, on the website and recorded by the Future Machine, existing as documents of the actions to be shared with wider audiences who are interested in the broader themes of celebration of place, loss, gain and extraction.

Using performance and audio allows us to mark the flow in time and the experiences of an
embodied being in the places on this journey from mountain to sea. We will continue to explore the
feelings around the loss and celebration of a sense of place through the extraction of materials and the effects of
related industries, working with human, tidal and geological senses of time; with the different
spatial and material places/senses each location affords.

The Future Machine will appear alongside these actions, as a witness.